Want to save time? Check out our FAQ. Chances are someone has asked the same question before. This will get you one step closer to hiring the perfect live band for your next event. Whether it’s a wedding, private function or live event – we’ve got you covered.

Do you have any gigs coming up?

We mostly do private functions. But, you might be able to catch us at a public performance. Check out our gig guide for details.

How much live music will I get?

Your time starts when the guests arrive. So, if you’ve hired a room from 6pm-11pm, your 5 hours starts at 6pm.

We generally work around your schedule. Your best bet is to shoot through your schedule. We’ll give you an answer once we know more about your event.

Do you charge for travel?

It depends on the location of your event.

Please include the location details of your venue and we’ll calculate our travel costs.

Can we please have a discount?

We appreciate that you might be on a tight budget. But, our prices are fixed. This makes it easier for us to provide a professional standard of entertainment.

Will you learn songs for us?

Yes, we are happy to learn a few songs for you. Some songs are not well-suited to a live music set up. In that case, we are happy to provide the mp3 recording on an ipod and play it through our PA system. This is a free service.

What type of gear do you use?

Please watch our videos to view our full set up.

How much does Paperboy cost?

Please submit an online enquiry.

Can I book your singer to perform solo at our event?

Yes. Our lead singer also plays guitar. He loves performing acoustically. Get in touch for a quote.

What time will you arrive on the day?

Generally 60-90 minutes before your guests arrive.

How do I secure my booking?

Tell us what services you want, request an invoice and pay your deposit. Then we’ll get the ball rolling.

Can we please use your microphone for speeches and MC?

Sure thing! Just let us know in advance.

Does Paperboy provide music during breaks?

Yes. We’ll put on an mp3 player with an appropriate playlist.

What power requirements do you have?

We’ll just require 1x power outlet. A reliable generator is fine.

Will you play outside?

Yes. But, we’ll require shelter incase of bad weather. We might have to stop playing if our equipment gets wet. This is a serious safety concern. So, please ensure we have adequate shelter.

Recommended Vendors?

Absolutely! We’ve had the pleasure of working with some excellent vendors and suppliers. Here are some of Paperboy’s favourites.


Bryce Noone




Somersby Gardens Estate

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